Managing your level of risk can greatly reduce your chance of becoming a victim. The purpose of the MRIR Message is to focus on one area each month that can put you and your loved ones at risk. This month’s topic is Recognizing Risk Levels and our guest experts are Greg Cooper, retired law enforcement, FBI and Homeland Security expert and a member of the KinderVision Law Enforcement Advisory Board, Ed Smart, member of the KinderVision Board of Directors, and Douglas Sebastian, Founder of KinderVision.

Read the information below and review the selected safety tips for the next 30 days. Make managing risk a way of life. Know what puts you and your family at risk and how to respond responsibly - and practice until that response is instinctive. That's what MRIR is all about.

Do you know when you’re at risk?
What raises your daughter’s risk level when jogging? What raises your risk level in a parking lot or your child’s at a playground? (See video and read more)

Who is most at risk?
(see video and read more)

How do you reduce risk? (to find out click here)

What can you do now to start managing risk?
Go to and start by taking "The Greatest Save" Safety Quiz to see what you and your children know about personal safety. (see video)

What do your kids know about being safe

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Safety Tip of the Month

KV Safety Tip for 6 and under:
Always take an adult with you when you go to a public restroom.

KV Safety Tip for ‘Tweens:
Avoid walking and hanging around isolated areas.

KV Safety Tip for Teens and Older:
Arrange to drive yourself or have your family or the mom take you home after babysitting.

View the Wolf Traps Safety Tips for teens.

Watch Little Red Said on Youtube on KinderVision's new Youtube Channel.

Parents & Teachers
Teach a lesson on personal safety with our free downloadable lesson plans (K-12)! Help us protect kids from predators!

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