This campaign will focus on one critical safety message each month to PROTECT CHILDREN, TEENS AND YOUNG ADULTS FROM PREDATORS! SHARE IT WITH YOUR FAMILY, FRIENDS, SCHOOLS, and anyone who cares about personal safety - BECAUSE "THE GREATEST SAVE IS THE ONE THAT WE NEVER HAVE TO MAKE!" Rollie Fingers, KinderVision National Spokesperson and member MLB Hall of Fame.

"What is MRIR?"
How aware of risk are you? Most families don't realize that managing theirrisk level can greatly reduce their chances of becoming victims. The purpose of the MRIR Message is to break down all the personal safety information that's out there and like a mirror "reflect" on one area each month that can put you, your children, your grandchildren, and anyone you love at risk. Presenting the information in smaller segments will make it easier to learn and remember.

Our guest experts this month are Greg Cooper, retired law enforcement, FBI and Homeland Security expert and a member of the KinderVision Law Enforcement Advisory Board and Douglas Sebastian, Found of KinderVision.

Read the informationand review the selected safety tips for the next 30 days until they becomepart of your family's instinctive response to any similar situation thatthreatens your safety. Make managing risk a way of life. Know what putsyou and your family at risk and how to respond responsibly - and practiceuntil that response is instinctive. That's what MRIR is all about.

What is managing risk?
Managing risk means being ... (read more & see video)

Why is managing risk so important?
These types of crimes are generally crimes of opportunity. Managing risk can prevent thoseopportunities. The most critical and advanced weapon you have to protectyourself and others is education about what puts you at risk.

What can you do now to start managing risk?
Go to and start by taking "The Greatest Save" Safety Quiz to see what you and yourchildren know about personal safety. (see video)

What do your kids know about being safe

Next Month: Do you know when you're at risk? Do you know who is most at risk?

Safety Tip of the Month

KV Safety Tip for 6 and under:
Never take anything from anyone without asking your parents first.

KV Safety Tip for ‘Tweens:
Never go anywhere with anyone without checking with your parents first.

KV Safety Tip for Teens and Older:
Do not wear earphones while jogging in isolated areas.

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Parents & Teachers
Teach a lesson on personal safety with our free downloadable lesson plans (K-12)! Help us protect kids from predators!

Please forward this to friends, family and teachers to help protect kids!

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