The mission of the KinderVision Foundation is to empower children and teens through education to end sexual exploitation, victimization and human trafficking.


We want to make personal safety education just as much a part of growing up as crossing the street, but we need your help to do that. You can help us by asking every parent you know to have their children come our website and take The Greatest Save safety quiz. If parents will teach this personal safety information and reinforce it enough that it becomes instinctive in their children, just like crossing the street, those children will grow up and teach their children. The result: one day in the not too distant future, we will eliminate all crimes against children forever.


Help raise the awareness and utilization of Greatest Save educational resources to protect kids of all ages from sexual exploitation working with:


-Meet with school representatives to introduce TGS Kids Materials (K-12) and other resources to educate youth.

Youth Service Organizations

-Meet with youth serving organizations in your community to introduce The Greatest Save online, onsite and in classroom resources and activities to educate and protect area youth.

Law Enforcement

-Meet with your community Law Enforcement officials to inform them of all Greatest Save resources and activities available to protect youth of all ages and to introduce TGS Law enforcement Training.


-Meet with families through Greatest Save child safety presentations with community and youth serving organizations to provide them information of Greatest Save comprehensive educational resources to protect children of all ages.


-Assist in bringing KV Kids and TGS Events to your community and/or assist in staffing those events.

Thank you for using your power of one to make this dream a reality for all.

Free Downloadable :

K-12 Classrom Materials & Safety Lessons

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