The mission of the KinderVision Foundation is to empower children and teens through education to end sexual exploitation, victimization and human trafficking.


Launched in Southern California as a result of the 1989 kidnapping and murder of seven year old Leticia Hernandez, KinderVision Foundation is a national 501 c-3 nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting children and teens from sexual exploitation and abduction and was developed with the assistance of law enforcement and research including an interview with a convicted child killer.  Through its The Greatest Save (TGS) Programs, KinderVision teaches personal safety for families, children and teens via unique pro-active multimedia programs utilizing several complementary approaches. 1) On-site The Greatest Save Kids Safety Events uses free age appropriate TGS Safety Education DVDs (K.I.N.D.I., Little Red Said and Big League Interview) in combination with TGS Safety Survey where parents and kids are tested in their knowledge of personal safety.  2) Comprehensive on-line elements, TGS Safety Quiz and Classroom Materials (free downloadable) and on-line safety messages are designed to be an ongoing resource for families, schools, law enforcement, and youth-serving organizations to teach children and teens how to avoid sexual predators.  3) The Greatest Save Teen PSA Program is a valuable peer to peer teaching program for high schools to empower teens and protect them from sexual predators – all because,  “When it comes to kids The Greatest Save is the one we never have to make”.

Aimed at preventing child and teen sexual exploitation and abduction, TGS resources are used by law enforcement, schools, churches, youth-serving organizations, and families throughout the country to protect kids of all ages by helping them instinctively recognize risk and respond appropriately.  For more than a generation millions and millions of children and their families have benefitted from  KinderVision/The Greatest Save resources since its inception.

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